2010 Topps Prime NFL

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Jul 22, 2005
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2010 Topps Prime NFL

Per Box Items:
10 mini-boxes
6 cards per mini-box pack
4 hits including:
1 autographed relic
1 auto
2 relics

The standard sized cards are a thick card stock. The border-less fronts feature a full color action shot of the player. The set name, team logo, players name and position are also found on the card fronts. The card fronts are very glossy. The card backs are photo-less. Basic biographical information, last season and career statistics, and moderate career highlights detailing the player's "Prime Season" are listed on the card reverse. The team logo is again shown on the card backs.

What I Pulled:
60 unique cards - no duplicates
39/150 base set cards = 26% of the base set
10 inserts (one of which was a Tebow! :D )
7 serial numbered parallels
1 autographed relic
1 auto
2 relics

Base card front and back:

Inserts and Parallels: (not all scanned)
Silver parallel #/999
Dwyer, LaFell
Gold parallel #/699
Ford, McCluster, Bulaga
Platinum Parallel #/199
Red Parallel #/75
Second Quarter combo:
Romo/Bryant, McCluster/Benn, Benn/Williams
Third Quarter combo:
AP/Johnson/Jones-Drew, Tate/Williams/Lafell,
Fourth Quarter combos:
Clausen/McCoy/Tate/Shipley, Suh/McCoy/Berry/Thomas, Bradford/TEBOW/Bryant/Thomas,
Prime RC:
Thomas, Dwyer

The Hits:
Spiller RC GU #/420
Skelton RC Auto #/599
Fourth Quarter Combo GU #/175 Edwards, LT, Dwyer, Sanders
Peyton Manning Auto Quad GU #/150


From the very first mini-box/pack I knew this set would be good. The two words that best describe the photography of 2010 Topps Prime are stunning and vivid. I love the very simple and clean design of the cards. There is nothing extra to take away from the stellar photographs. The set offers a great mix of veteran and rookie players. The inserts look cool and the parallels will provide lots of options to chase. It took me a minute to figure it out. The second, third and fourth quarter combo cards have the players grouped together either as teammates, same position, or rookies. The collation was dead on with the stated hits and WOW, what a hit! I would have like to see a couple less inserts and a few more base cards, but that is not a big downer. I will say be careful when opening the mini-box packs, the cards are wrapped in cellophane inside, but that package can move around and damage some of the corners of the cards.

The Bottom Line:
I give 2010 Topps Prime a buy rating. It will take a few boxes and lots of trading if you are going to the base set, but the inserts and hits are way cool! Buy a box and trade your Tebow cards to me!

The Final Score:
Final Ratings (Out of 5):
Base set collect-ability: 2/5
Big-hit Hunter: 5/5
Prospector Hunter:5/5
Overall Design: 5/5
Fun: 5/5
Value: 4/5
Re-buy: 5/5
Overall Quality: 5/5

Overall: 37/40 (90% = A)

As always I am offering base cards to members of The Bench for a SASE

Thanks to Topps for making this review possible!

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Nice break. Glad you are starting to pull some Tebows! If you pulled any Eagles, if you could put them to the side for me, it would be appreciated! Thanks.
Just got my envelope back filled with Eagles!! It is greatly appreciated. Thanks Tal!!!
What do you have to have for the Brayon Edwards game used.
Also, I need three to finish my set. They are
40 CJ Spiller
75 Eric Decker
92 Jordan Shipley

Please PM me and let me know if we can do something. Thanks, Mark