2012 Bowman Platinum Gold #d to 50 (94/100 so far) and Red # to 25 Refractor (72/100 so far) for 100 card BPP sets.. 7/24/2022


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Updated 7/24/2022

I am back to trying to complete my 2012 Bowman Platinum (BPP) 100 card Gold #d to 50 Refractor and Red #d to 25 Refractor sets
Any traders out there who can help me out? I have 94/100 of the Golds #d to 50 and 72/100 of the Reds #d to 25 Refractors so far. Also have a 2nd Blue #d to 199 refractor set with 7 cards to go (93/100)

2012 Bowman Platinum Prospect (BPP) Gold Refractors #d to 50 Want List (94 of 100 so far)
2(Nolan Arenado), 16(Billy Hamilton), 23(Manny Machado), 81(Jarred Cosart), 83(Guillermo Pimentel), 97(Nick Castellanos)

2012 Bowman Platinum Prospect (BPP) Gold Refractors #d to 50 Dupes to trade (42)
5(Chad Bettis-11/50), 11(Robbie Erlin-36/50), 12(Wilmer Flores-28/50), 14(Robbie Grossman-15/50), 15(Jedd Gyorko-38/50), 19(Brett Jackson-40/50), 21(Taylor Lindsey-39/50), 22(Rymer Liriano-43/50), 26(Will Middlebrooks-19/50 & 25/50), 27(Shelby Miller-41/50), 29(Jake Odorizzi-10/50), 33(Wily Peralta-29/50), 36(Eddie Rosario-30/50), 37(Keenyn Walker-24/50 & 30/50), 50(Drew Hutchison-47/50), 51(Oscar Taveras-18/50), 52(AJ Cole-37/50), 53(Jake Marisnick-38/50), 55(Nestor Molina-33/50), 59(Vincent Catricala-34/50), 63(John Lamb-33/50 & 41/50), 66(Daniel Corcino-43/50), 68(Yorman Rodriguez-08/50, 32/50, 35/50, & 39/50), 70(Tyler Pastornicky-43/50), 73(Kevin Matthews-14/50), 74(Jake Hager-09/50 & 15/50), 75(Sean Buckley-22/50 & 42/50), 84(Tyler Maztek-49/50), 87(John Hellweg-26/50), 88(Chad James-45/50), 89(Telvin Nash-35/50), 90(Mason Williams-43/50 & 48/50), 91(Heath Hembree-27/50), 95(Trey McNutt-20/50)

2012 Bowman Platinum Prospect (BPP) Red Refractors #d to 25 Want List…. (72/100 so far)
2(Nolan Arenado), 9(Travis Darnaud), 11(Robbie Erlin), 17(Joey Terdoslavich), 20(Hak-Ju Lee), 23(Machado), 24(Starling Marte), 29(Jake Odorizzi), 32(Joe Panik), 33(Wily Peralta), 35(Jurickson Profar), 36(Eddie Rosario), 38(Gary Sanchez),
41(Jonathan Singleton), 49(Christian Yelich), 51(Oscar Taveras), 52(AJ Cole), 60(Keyvius Sampson), 62(Brian Dozier),
65(Jean Segura), 69(Gerrit Cole), 72(Brandon Jacobs), 76(Andrelton Simmons), 80(Wil Myers), 90(Mason Williams),
92(Bryce Brentz), 94(Tommy Joseph), 95(Trey McNutt)

2012 Bowman Platinum Prospect (BPP) Red Refractors #d to 25 Dupes to trade (29)
5(Chad Bettis-09/25, 17/25 & 20/25), 7(Garin Cecchini-03/25, 10/25 & 23/25), 8(Michael Choice-13/25), 21(Taylor Lindsey-16/25),
22(Rymer Liriano-22/25), 34(Martin Perez-06/25), 43(Alexi Amarista-14/25), 55(Nestor Molina-08/25), 58(Jonathan Galvez-08/25),
59(Vinnie Catricala-21/25), 61(Archie Bradley-05/25), 67(Tyler Thornburg-12/25), 68(Yorman Rodriguez-23/25),
70(Tyler Pastornicky-05/25 & 06/25), 77(Julio Rodriguez-23/25), 78(Sonny Gray-24/25), 79(Jabari Blash-24/25), 81(Jarred Cosart-18/25 & 22/25), 83(Guillermo Pimentel-15/25), 84(Tyler Matzek-05/25), 85(Javier Baez-20/25), 88(Chad James-21/25), 96(Matt Davidson-11/25),
99(Sebastian Valle-24/25

I am also close to completing a second Blue #d to 199 Refractor set
2012 Bowman Platinum Prospect (BPP) Blue Refractors #d to 199 (Set # 2) Want List (93/100 so far)

2(Nolan Arenado, 24(Starling Marte), 35(Jurickson Profar), 44(Noah Syndergaard), 69(Gerrit Cole), 80(Wil Myers), 90(Mason Williams)

2012 Bowman Platinum Blue Refractor (#d to 199) Dupes to Trade (69)

3(Manny Banuelos-121/199), 4(Trevor Bauer-054/199), 5(Chad Bettis-112/199), 7(Garin Cecchina-171/199), 10(Brandon Drury-101/199),
11(Robbie Erlin-097/199), 12(Wilmer Flores-101/199 & 194/199), 15(Jedd Gyorko-061/199), 16(Billy Hamilton-155/199 & 195/199),
19(Brett Jackson-173/199 & 192/199), 20(Jak-Ju Lee-042/199, 154/199 & 174/199), 21(Taylor Lindsey-076/199),
27(Shelby Miller-060/199 & 168/199), 28(Mark Montgomery-073/199), 29(Jake Odorizzi-152/199), 30(Mike Olt-088/199),
39(Michael Sano-44/199), 43(Alexi Amarista-070/199), 49(Christian Yelich-107/199), 50(Drew Hitchison-037/199), 52(AJ Cole-062/199),
53(Jake Marisnick-023/199, 100/199, 116/199, 128/199 & 139/199), 54(Nick Franklin-149/199), 55(Nestor Molina-090/199 & 099/199),
58(Jonathan Galvez-080/199), 59(Vince Catricala-088/199), 60(Keyvius Sampson-047/199), 65(Jean Segura-147/199),
66(Daniel Corcino-114/199 & 162/199), 67(Tyler Thornburg-023/199), 68(Yorman Rodriguez-048/199), 70(Tyler Pastornicky-047/199),
71(Zach Cone-046/199, 134/199 & 137/199), 73(Kevin Matthews-022/199), 74(Jake Hager-112/199), 75(Sean Buckley-025/199),
77(Julio Rodriguez-076/199 & 109/199), 78(Sonny Gray-091/199, 108/199 & 133/199), 81(Jarred Cosart-097/199), 82(Chris Archer-030/199), 83(Guillermo Pimentel-166/199 & 176/199), 85(Javier Baez-046/199 & 055/199), 86(Cory Spangenberg-042/199 & 189/199),
88(Chad James-125/199), 89(Telvin Nash-076/199 & 141/199). 93(Anthony Ranaudo-071/199), 94(Tommy Joseph-129/199)

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* = coming in mail from trade or COMC purchase
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5.00 star(s)
Back to my 2012 Bowman Platinum Gold #d to 50 and Red #d to 25 refractor sets. Any traders out there? Will trade my 2012 Bowman Platinum Gold #d to 50 dupes for 2012 Bowman Platinum Gold #d to 50 and Red #d to 25 refractors for Red #d to 25 refractors.
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