2013 Topps Finest N F L


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2013 Topps Finest N F L

One box - 2 mini boxes - 6 packs each box - 5 cards per pack
1 auto patch card or 1 jumbo auto relic card in each mini box

I received the following:

50 unique base cards - 33% of the set of 150 (Vets 1-100, Rookies 101-150)

So far, in my humble opinion, or for the youngsters IMHO, this issue of Finest NFL is the best 'Finest' product I have ever had the opportunity to look at or rip. The design is excellent - the background on the card is very, very crisp and looks fantastic!! Well done Topps!!!

This premium issue has a high gloss front with an HD action photo and is borderless. The reverse again has a 'Finest Moment' write up for each player. Numbers are easy to read and the word 'refractor' is clearly presented on each refractor card.



4 Regular refractors
1 Blue refractor #ed to 99
1 Gold refractor #ed to 75

The refractors look even better in hand!!

Finest Atomic Rookie

DeAndre Hopkins


Jumbo Relic/Auto

Tavon Austin #ed to 75

Patch Auto

Marcus Lattimore

Extremely thick card - and it's a sticker..... 'nuf said!

Bonus Auto

Vince McDonald #1/5
Refractor auto - on card - as it should be!!!! Looks fantastic and Vince can thank his 4th grade teacher for teaching him how to write!! Excellent auto!


Obviously, I like Finest Football this year. This is a very good issue for nearly everyone - the set builder, the player collector, and the rookie collector - not so much for the master set builder (I can't even imagine someone attempting to put a master set together - wow what an undertaking!)

Again, the design - very well done. I am partial to the die cuts (as usual). The die cut I received appears to be a refractor - however, no refractor designation appears on the card that I could find - maybe it's just the mirror finish?

Only one gripe - the sticker auto on a premium product. Stickers should be on the base products - not premium ones.....

The bonus auto I received, not sure how many boxes have a bonus. One is only supposed to receive 2 autos per box.

Overall grade A+ well done!

Go buy several boxes and send the die cuts to me!



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Thanks for the review Duane. These cards look great. Please LMK if you pulled any of these.

6 91 53 142 150



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Those look nice. You pulled a Ram for me, except I know I don't have anything to trade for the Austin. Wish he put a little more time into his sig though. Thanks for the review, Tony.


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Great looking set again this year on the Finest. I can use the Tavon Austin auto if there's anything I can send you in trade. If not shoot me you best delivered prcie. Can also use any Ravens.
Thanks again!!!