2015 Bowman Chrome Prospects 1-150 needs

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Hi Robbie,
I was wondering if there was any chance we could expand the deal. Are you working on any other sets currently? I've got some 2015 Topps/Update - chrome, gold and rainbow, as well as a few 15 Bowman Chrome Prospects second series and 15 Finest available. Please let me know. If not, we can just go with what we have, just figured we may as well see if we can help each other a bit more.
Thanks, Al

Whoops, my apologies! I do have an extra Tomas Chrome. Post the trade if it's okay with you? Thanks!

Al, The only other sets right now Im working on is

2014 Topps Heritage
2015 Topps Chrome (need #49)
2015 Bowman Chrome Draft
2015 Bowman Chrome (need #'s 166, 189)

Please let me know if you have any of those sets, or maybe even those numbers!

Hi Robbie,

I have some from Topps Chrome and Bowman Chrome, unfortunately not those numbers.

I guess we'll just go with what we have. Post it up, unless you have other ideas. Thanks, Al
Robbie - I have these:

2015 Chrome Prospects: 12-58-92-105-145 $7.40
2015 Prospects: 33-104-106-118-126 $2.60

Do you have anything of players/teams in my sig? My set wants aren't updated for the 2011 Topps, 2014 Topps and the FB wants. I have a few trades pending on those.