2015 Gettysburg Volunteer Workday


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Once again this year, my dad and I spent the first Saturday in June at the Volunteer Workday in Gettysburg with close to 350 of our closest friends. While we build fences, others paint barns, clean headstones in the various cemetaries and do general maintenance work as needed around the park.

This year we were building at a place called the Biggs/Frey Farm, located on Taneytown Road just on the outskirts of the town. If you just want to see some pics and their descriptions, jump down. If you are somewhat of a history nerd (like me), here are the details on the Farm and its owner. Basil Biggs was a papered (freed) African American living on the farm at the time of the battle. He left town as the battle started as he did not want to be captured and sent south as a slave. The farmhouse became a field hopsital and when Biggs returned home after the battle immediately went to work helping the injured on the property as a surgeon - his real occupation - veternarian, so that counted as about as close as you can get to doctor status. After all the soldiers left, he participated in the cleanup of the town - he received $1.00 for each body that he relocated. He died several years after the war ended, I believe in 1876 on June 6th. The day we were doing the build - June 6th, so we were on this mans farm, rebuilding history on the anniversary of his death. True nerd type stuff and..in a town known for its ghosts, just a little on the creepy side as well!

This is the backside of the property - we not only built fences this year, but we had to tear them down, this is the look you get after a fence is gone.

This is a look at front of the property as we are getting started building around the small outbuilding. We had to tear fencing down in front of the property as well.

Here is the far end of the property, this fence needed to be removed and a new one built in its place. It was as much fun as it looked.

Here is a look at some of the finished work - two different types of fence built in front of the property (Virginia Worm and Post/Rail). Taneytown Road is to the right and the picture is taken looking back up the road towards the town.

Last one, this is after the build. We went to the top of the Pennsylvania Memorial and took a shot looking back at the build site (red barn = Biggs/Frey farm). This perspective also looks back toward the town/Taneytown Road.

We had a blast doing this, hopefully you like the pics and descriptions, if not the minor history lesson. Thanks for looking!


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Hey Andy
This is great what you and your 350 friends do every year That was very interesteing the short histry lesson you gave and the pictures look good


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I big thank you for your help in keeping such an historical area looking the way that it does. I've been fortunate enough to visit Gettysburg twice and loved every second of it. (Even the hokey "ghost tours" are interesting, fun, and filled with history :eek: )
Thanks again!


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That place is beautiful we had the chance a few years ago to be in devils den at sunrise just gave you chills knowing what happened it was one of them life things you never forget