2015 Panina Stars and Stripe for trade

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5.00 star(s)
Snow and I got tired of shoveling so opened a box.

Looking for 2015 Panini S&S of Russell, Almora, Bryant, Schwarber
or any year Cubs Panini

To Trade:
2015 Panini Stars&Stripes
Longevity Ruby
Deven Marrero 31 133/199
Crusade Blue
Luke Weaver 68
Michael Conforto 75
Game Gear
Michael Hansen Gray Jersey 76 10/49
Game Gear Longevity
Blake Rutherford Gray Jersey 13 218/299
Jan Clarkin Red Jersey 68 88/99
Dual Game Gear Longevity
Noah Campbell
Auto/Gray Jersey 80 11/49

Also have singles