2015 Topps Series 2 FT/FS

chief wahoo

5.00 star(s)
I busted two jumbo packs of Series 2. All for trade or for sale. I'm mainly looking for 2015 Longorias or will consider black/camo/pink/gold #'d trade bait. Thanks, Scott

Commemorative Bat Knob: Ty Cobb
Black /64: Jerome Williams
Gold /2015: Yovanni Gallardo
Foil: Jairo Diaz RC
Heart of the Order: Chipper, Bagwell
Stepping Up: Pence, Bumgarner
Highlight of the Year: 1931 (Babe Ruth), 1933 (First AS Game)
'Til It's Over: Griffey
First Pitch: Lars Ulrich
Eclipsing History: Rivera / W Ford
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