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2015 Wheeler Collection Legends & Treasures Box 08/26/2015


5.00 star(s)
Product Description
Configuration: 1 pack per box. 10 cards per pack.


Box Break:
Previously manufactured 1/1
- High value, ultra-rare cards.

2 Previously manufactured non-1/1
- Premium cards.

State quarter base card
- One of the base versions of the Wheeler Collection State Quarter cards- with hidden rip chamber!

State quarter parallel card
- One of the parallel versions of Wheeler Collection’s hidden rip chamber State Quarter cards.

Gold gram bar card
- 1 Base version with 4 parallels to collect.

One ounce silver coin card
- 12 Unique cards featuring scenes celebrating wildlife, nature, patriotism and culture.

1876 State Seal medallion card
- This card and the embedded medallion of the 1876 State Seals were produced special for the Wheeler Collection and is based on the earliest official state seals.

State patch card
- 1 Base version with 4 parallels to collect. Each comes with an embroidered patch of the state bird and flower.

Either a Jared Kelley art puzzle piece or "WC" logo patch card
- Get either an Art Redemption Puzzle Piece Card or a Logo Patch Card. Collect complete sets for exclusive trade-ins or Jared Kelley artwork!

Box and case incentives:
- A 1-gram gold coin card will be given for each box purchased during the National, excluding every 4th box...
- A 3-gram gold coin card will be given for each 4th box purchased by an individual during the National.
(Only one gold coin card will be given per individually numbered box and purchases will need to be verified at booth #672)

Website exclusive rewards for completing certain sets!

For instance: The gold gram bar card found one per box has 5 variations. Collect and send in all 5 variations to receive a 10-gram gold bar card! You heard that right...You can double your gold! (The original five 1-gram bar cards will not be returned).

The cards in each box are divided up into 10 different categories. If you don't like a card you pulled from any of the categories, return it to us for website credit that can be used to obtain website exclusive content from precious metals cards to higher-end, graded vintage trading cards!

The boxed categories and their values are as follows:

- Previously manufactured 1/1 - (175 crown coins)
- Previously manufactured non-1/1 - (15 crown coins)
- Previously manufactured non-1/1 - (15 crown coins)
- State quarter base card - (15 crown coins)
- State quarter parallel card - (35 crown coins)

- Gold gram bar card - (90 crown coins)
- One ounce silver coin card - (50 crown coins)
- 1876 State Seal medallion card - (30 crown coins)
- State patch card - (10 crown coins)
- Either a Jared Kelley art puzzle piece or "WC" logo patch card - (65 crown coins)

You don't have to return any cards, and you don't have to keep any cards. You are free to pick and choose whatever you'd like to send back, if anything at all.

If you hit a 1/1 that you think is worth more than the credit I'm offering, keep it and send back other stuff. If you pull some non-1/1s that you think are worth more than the 15 in credit I'm offering, keep them. But if you think they're worth less than what I'm offering, send them in and accumulate enough credit to maybe get something you'd be more happy with.

There are many different ways to try and get the most out of your box, and don't forget about the rewards we'll be offering for those that are able to complete certain sets.

Website exclusive content and their values will be live soon.

Purchase: http://www.blowoutcards.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=10878