2016 Historic Autographs The Mob Premium Box 08/03/2016


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Product Description
Configuration: 3-4 cards per box.

Historic Autograph Company retells the violent tale of the American Mafia in this 60 card set. The Mob product will release at the 2016 National Sports Collectors Convention in Atlantic City. Try your luck with the premium box set. Premium boxes contain (2) Beckett graded "2016 HA The Mob" trading cards as well as 1-2 signature(s) of a major mobster, lawman, or the actors who portrayed mobsters in movies like the Godfather, a Bronx Tale, Goodfellas and the Untouchables.


Our hit list includes:
- Joe Bonanno
- J. Edgar Hoover
- Marlon Brando
- John Gotti
- Eliot Ness
- Al Pacino
- Mickey Cohen
- Melvin Purvis
- Chazz Palminteri
- Carlo Gambino
- Thomas Dewey
- Sean Connery
- Jimmy Hoffa
- Robert DeNiro
- Roy DeMeo
- Lenny Montana
- Henry Hill
- Joe Spinell
and more.

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