WTT 2017-2022 Auto/Relics Tradelist (Updated 08/08)


5.00 star(s)
I don't have a BV on the rare Jeter Fabric. Other players (not HOF) I 've seen have been at the $450 range. This is a 1/1 Jeter. Maybe $600-700 I'm not sure. I'd have to see what your offering but I am more apt to do cash deals than trades for these cards. I'm moving out of collecting and trying to liquidate my collection at this stage of my life.
Obviously the cards I selected are low range to trade for which I am happy to do but for the higher end ones like the ones you selected I want to sell off as much as I can. lmk thx Jim
Completely understand. If you feel comfortable, I'd swap at a ratio on the newer end since the cards I chose are a little older.