2018 A&G Braves master set

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Have tons more paypal to buy RIP's, dual RIP's and the Acuna Black Frame auto that I can't seem to find. Let me know what you have from the 1st thread
anyone that can help with wants listed in 1st thread....have paypal ready to go, even if it's only one card!
Got Paypal for Acuna Black X Auto, mini metals, silver minis #/1, red minis #/5 Whatcha got laying around. Please visit 1st thread wants
anyone have some of these tough Braves finds----Nno minis, Brooklyn backs, Glow in the Darks, RIP's have paypal help me before 2020 A&G comes out
Looking to BUY, BUY, BUY.....need those rare mini posted in first thread. Glow in the Dark, Red minis, Silver minis, Cloth, Metals etc...