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2020 Bowman Platinum Hanger


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One has to wonder of the IQ of some of people who work at Tools! Bought a Hanger of 2020 Bowman Platinum,, second box of cards I've found at Wal-Mart this year and found them at El Centro Wal-Mart, on the way home from vacation
The front of the reminds me of 2003 SP Foil cards. The backs are just bad. Who ever decided that black print on a grey background was a good idea should be fixed.
Can't make it the prospect card number, but they start out with TOP. DONT know much about the prospects So will.just !ish alphabetically.
Anthony Volpe Yankees.
Bo Naylor CLE
Brandon Bielak TEX.
Jo Adell LAA
Hogan Harris OAK
Kendall Williams TOR
Logan Davidson OAK
Logan Wyatt SFG
Michael Toglia COL
SHEA Langeliers ARI

Austin Meadows TAM
Cavan Biggie TOR
Chris Patrick Sep
Isan Diaz MIA
J T Realm auto
Jacob Detroit NYM
Manny Michael SDP
Max Scherzer Was
Cookie Betts LAD
Nick Solak TEX

Two Artic Foil
Aristides Aquino CIN
Adley Dutchman

Two numbered

Purple Xavier Edwards SDP 102/199
Orange Justin Dunn SEA 14/25


David K.

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Their the only game in town.....so they probably fired all of the quality control employees to save money. Sounds like their bowman chrome insert.......spanning the globe inserts.....So hard to see the words! Best regards, David


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I bought 4 of these last night. Pulled a purple Jasson Dominguez. Sold it for 50 bucks so the wife would leave me alone. LOL
Also Pulled Puason gold /50, Bohm /299, Bohm /250, Ketel Marte /25, and a couple others I forget but they were commons I think.