2020 Marvel Ages Box (Upper Deck) 02/03/2021


5.00 star(s)
Currently out of stock, but this looks like a very nice product.

Configuration: 16 packs per box. 12 cards per pack.

Marvel Ages provides a new retrospective look back at Marvel Comics since their founding over 80 years ago!! Recall all the iconic eras off Marvel Comics from the Golden Age to our present day!

- 300 Card Claycoat Base Set split into 3 tiers of rarity!
- Look for Variant, Rainbow Foil, and Sticker Parallels!
- Translucent Fresnel Cards with designs inspired by Fresnel Glass Lenses found in lighthouses!
- Discover numbered Golden and Silver Age Book cards embedded with precious metals!
- Piece comic book splash pages together and view them in a new way with Lenticular Puzzle Card packs!
- Collect pieces of comic book history in Comic Clippings Cards!
- Search for Comic Creator autographed versions by renown comic creators such as Al Milgrom, Bill Sienkiewicz, Gerry Conway, Jim Starlin, Jim Steranko, Mark Bagley, and Marv Wolfman!
- Comic Books for 12 Cents? Maybe back in the 1960’s! Turn back time with Coinage cards.
- The Decades Insert cards focus on characters from each decade spanning from the 1960s to 2010s!
- Original Art inserts such as Totally Toys and Saturday Morning Cartoons.
- Search for creative Flavorful and Word Cloud cards, where the descriptive text becomes the art!
- Collect 1-of-1 Original Art Sketch Cards!


Pack Hits (On Average)
- 1 Base Set Sticker Parallel Card
- 2 Insert Cards from the following:
- Saturday Morning Cartoons
- Totally Toys
- Gamerverse
- Artist Spotlight

Box Hits (On Average)
- 4 Base Set Foil Parallel Cards
- 8 Photo Variant Base Cards
- 2 Decades Cards
- 1 Flavorful or Word Cloud Card
- Look for SP and SSP versions!

Case Hits (On Average)
- 1-2 Artist Sketch Cards
- 1-2 Coinage or Comic Clippings Cards
- 3 Fresnel Cards
- 10 Lenticular Puzzle Packs!

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