2020 Topps A&G F/T (updated 11/26/2020)


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I could use these: $16.75
minis Red = Incoming
Regular 15 Kris Bryant, 17 Griffey Jr, 51 Clemente, 58 Yelich, 87 Story, 138 Seaver, 239 Schwarber, 306 Alou SP

How about for these:$16.50
2020 Topps Allen & Ginter Black Border Mini

2 48 146 170 231 290 298


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2020 Topps Chrome 24 Nick Senzel

Do you have any Ginter Silvers, minis, S2 DBC, TRCs or Topps Fire parallels or any 2020 Red Sox cards that I can consider.
*The minis I have for trade are in the first post.
* I don't have any Hot Box Base. Although I'm attempting to buy a full hobby box worth.
* I didn't open any 2020 Topps Fire. So I don't have any f/t.
* Red Sox, I have plenty of, but there are listed in my sportlots link, that doesn't search by team, rather, by set + year.