2020 Topps Heritage High Number Serial # Group Break Complete


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Live Break

BOX has arrived. Live break 3/14 8 pm east

2020 Topps Heritage High Number Hobby Box, 24 Packs, 9 Cards per pack. All Cards are shipped!

Serial # Draw Group Break. 10 spots, 0-9. They will get randomized in a 5 draw random via the bench randomize tool.
Even though there may only be 1 serial card in the whole break, it'll go on the last card#/letter in the break.
ie RA-TC (C is the 3rd letter, goes to the 3 spot), ie RZ (Z is 26 letter, goes to the 6 spot), ie 129 (goes to the 9 spot), serial 551/999 (goes to the 1 spot).

Once the break is full, I will add this to the Trade Manager for everybody along with my PayPal address.
Please don't pay until the spots are full here. Once everyone has paid, I will then go live via YouTube with the randomization of your spots for the box.

First spot is $16, each additional is $13. If you are in my 2021 Heritage 12 box case break, and want in, and can wait on shipping with the 2021s, the first spot is only $13.

1) David K paid
2) David K paid
3) mcgwirenut paid
4) mcgwirenut paid
5) zlw1 paid
6) zlw1 paid
7) zlw1 paid
8) mcgwirenut paid
9) zlw1 paid
10) zlw1 paid

  1. 6) zlw1 paid
  2. 7) zlw1 paid
  3. 2) David K paid
  4. 9) zlw1 paid
  5. 3) mcgwirenut paid
  6. 5) zlw1 paid
  7. 1) David K paid
  8. 4) mcgwirenut paid
  9. 8) mcgwirenut paid
  10. 10) zlw1 paid

You have randomized this list 5 times.
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5.00 star(s)
BOX has arrived. If anyone wants to hop in, I’m willing to take 1/2 the spots if I can get five spots filled for an ASAP draw and break.