2020 Topps Heritage High Number Team Group Break BREAK IS COMPLETE


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Group Break Link --

Team Draw link --

Box is in hand!

2020 Topps Heritage High Number Hobby Box, 24 Packs, 9 Cards per pack. All Cards are shipped!

Team Draw Group Break. Pick your first team, and you will be randomly assigned a 2nd team in a 5 draw random. (Each Spot gets you 2 teams)
The non-team spot (if there are any will get randomed at the end of the break)
Once the break is full, I will add this to the Trade Manager for everybody along with my PayPal address. Please don't pay until the spots are full here. Once everyone has paid, I will then go live via Youtube with the randomization of your spots for the box. The remaining 15 teams be in separate random.org lists, that will be randomized 5 times. If you are first pick below, and the 1st team is Cubs, then you'll get the Cubs, 2nd random team is Reds, you get the Reds, and so on.

First spot is $14, each additional is $13. (no limit)

1) Dragonslayer913: Dodgers/paid - Boston shipped
2) mcgwirenut: White Sox/ paid Miami
3) smalltime35: Yankees/ paid Houston
4) smalltime35: Braves/ paid Texas
5) mcgwirenut: Blue Jays/ paid Detroit
6) zlw1: Cubs/ paid Philly
7) zlw1: Cardinals/ paid Milwaukee
8) greatdadx2 : Angels/ paid Washington
9) greatdadx2 : Padres/ paid Arizona
10) zlw1: Giants paid Tampa
11) zlw1: Orioles paid Oakland
12) zlw1: Pirates paid Colorado
13) zlw1: Royals paid New York NL
14) zlw1: Twins paid Cincy
15) zlw1: Mariners paid Cleveland

Teams not available: Atlanta Braves, LA Dodgers, NY Yankees, Chicago White Sox, Blue Jays, Chicago Cubs, St Louis Cardinals, LA Angels, San Diego Padres

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Please help fill this one up, 1 spot, 2 spot, 3 spot, more :)! Team draw is at 8 pm tomorrow for the balance teams, and I will take the remaining teams picks if this doesn't fill so I can at least break it for the people who wanted in!


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Got everyone paid who has bought in... Team raffle at 8pm eastern/5 pacific. Last couple of hours for people who want in!