2021 Spectra David Ortiz auto 1/1 For trade (SOLD)

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Oct 16, 2002
David Ortiz 21 Panini Spectra #SPS-DO #1/1

I am open to offers on this card. Hard to determine BV but I was recently offered $600 in trade. I am willing to negoitiate a fair trade $500-600 for multiple cards in return. RC's are my first priority but willing to look at other sites. Some baseball and FB RC for consideration.Other player interests include A. Volpe, C. Carroll, auto RC's, Ohtani RC, Acuna RC, just to name a few, Thx Jim
Baseball RC want list

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2001 Topps Traded Albert Pujols RC #T247
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2003 Topps Traded Miguel Cabrera PROS #T126
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2017 Topps Chrome Aaron Judge RC #169
2018 Topps Chrome Rafael Devers RC #25
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2018 Topps Chrome Update Ronald Acuna Jr. RC #HMT25
Other notables include Ohtani, Carroll, notable auto RC's
Football notables
Rookie Card Want list

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2018 Josh Allen, Lamar
2019 K. Murray, D. Samuel
2020 Burrow, Hurts. J.Jefferson, Hebert
2021 Lawrence, Micah Parsons, Chase, Fields,
2022 Purdy
2023 Stroud


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