2021 Topps Pro Debut Chrome Set


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Yeah, I know...this is going to be one heck of a set to try and finish. But that's the thrill of the chase, right? I've opened 3 boxes and nowhere close to finishing this beast of a set. I'd like to try and trade for the ones I need before buying. I have all of my available cards on my Sportlots site so if you need something in particular, then hopefully we can work out a deal. Here goes the list...remember, I am only looking for the Chrome parallel singles, I have completed the paper base set.


***Updated 20 Sep 21***

Thanks for your help!
I have some 36 Pro debut chromes to trade and only have this one off your list

2021 Topps Pro Debut Chrome #PDC-160 Austin Martin 8

Tommarrow I will pull it to make sure I have it. Let me know if your interested, would like to trade for these

2021 Topps Pro Debut Chrome #PDC-133 Bryan Mata 1.25
2021 Topps Pro Debut Chrome #PDC-167 Pete Crow-Armstrong 4
2021 Topps Pro Debut Chrome #PDC-191 Burl Carraway 1.50
2021 Topps Update Rainbow Foil #US322 Adam Ottavino 1.50
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