WTT 2022 Bowman 1st Autos/Parallels (Updated: 06/06)

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5.00 star(s)
Jan 29, 2022
New Jersey
LF: Corbin Carroll 2019 BDC Parallels, Adley Rutschman Home Field Advantage, Acuna Bat Down, Joe Burrow RC, Giannis RC, James Harden RC

NFL: (#'d, Prizms, or RCs) Burrow/Mahomes RCs, Brady, Dwight Freeney, Jamal Lewis, Ray Lewis, MJD, Shaun Alexander, Aaron Rodgers (RC only), Andre Johnson, Drew Brees, Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Randy Moss, Zach Thomas, Dez Bryant, Michael Vick, Chad Johnson, Champ Bailey, Charles Woodson.
**Particularly from Topps, Topps Chrome, Bowman's Best

MLB: (Parallels, #'d, RCs) Ronald Acuna, Manny Machado, Freddie Freeman, Paul Goldschmidt, Francisco Lindor, Shohei Ohtani, Mike Trout, Aaron Judge, Mariano Rivera, Paul O'Neill, Derek Jeter, Felix Hernandez, Clayton Kershaw, Max Scherzer, Justin Verlander, Buster Posey,

2022 Bowman Draft Chrome (1st Bowman) Autos
Diego Velasquez (Giants) Orange Shimmer Refractor Auto (# /25)
Nate Furman (Indians) Gold Wave Refractor (# /50)
Bryce Hubbart (Reds) Gold Wave Refractor (# /50)
JT Schwartz (Mets) Yellow Refractor Auto (# /75)
Silas Ardoin (Orioles) Black Refractor (# /75)
Denzel Clarke (Oakland) Atomic Green Refractor Auto (# /99)
Eddinson Paulino (Boston) Green Refractor Auto (# /99)
Cayden Wallace (Royals) Blue Wave Refractor (# /150)
Cooper Hjerpe (STL) Blue Refractor (# /150)
Joe Lampe (Indians) Blue Refractor (# /150)
Alex Freeland (Dodgers) Purple Refractor (# /250)
Brandon Barriera (Blue Jays) Purple Refractor (# /250)
Jakob Marsee (Padres) Purple Refractor (# /250)
Michael Burrows (Pirates) Purple Refractor Auto (# /250)
Trevor Martin (Rays) Purple Refractor (# /250)
Cade Doughty (Blue Jays) Refractor (# /499)
Jakob Marsee (Padres) Refractor (# /499)
Joe Lampe (Indians) Refractor (# /499)
Sterlin Thompson (Rockies) Refractor (# /499)
Steven Zobac (Royals) Refractor (# /499)
Base Autos
Brandon Valenzuela (Padres)
Bryce Hubbart (Reds)
Chase Meidroth (Boston)
Daniel Vazquez (Royals)
Drake Baldwin (Braves)
Eddinson Paulino (Boston)
Hendry Mendez (Milwaukee)
Jared McKenzie (Nationals)
Jimmy Crooks III (Cardinals)
Jud Fabian (Baltimore)
Leonardo Balcazar (Reds)
Luca Tresh (Royals)
Michael Burrows (Pirates)
Rosman Verdugo (Padres)
Ryan Cermak (Rays)
Ryan Ritter (Rockies)
Sal Stewart (Reds)
Sean McLain (Dodgers)
Sebastian Espino (Blue Jays)
Steven Zobac (Royals)
Troy Melton (Tigers)
Won Bin Cho (Cardinals)

Francisco Alvarez (Mets) It Came to the League Orange Refractor (# /25)
Elijah Green (Washington) Heir Apparent Gold Refractor (# /50)
Elijah Green (Washington) Mood Ring SSP
Kumar Rocker (Texas) Mood Ring SSP
Jett Williams (Mets) Mood Ring SSP
Zach Neto (Angels) Mood Ring SSP

Bowman Chrome Sapphire
Cayden Wallace
Coby Mayo
Jud Fabian

Chrome Parallels
Denzer Guzman (Angels) Chrome Orange Refractor (# /25)
Marcelo Mayer (Boston) Chrome Yellow Refractor (# /75)
Jordan Lawlar (Arizona) Chrome Yellow Lava Refractor (# /75)
Robert Hassell (Washington) Chrome Yellow Lava Refractor (# /75)
Dominic Keegan (Tampa Bay) 1st Chrome Green Speckle Refractor (# /99)
Dylan Lesko (San Diego) 1st Chrome Green Speckle Refractor (# /99)

Jared McKenzie (Washington) 1st Chrome Green Speckle Refractor (# /99)
Yendry Rojas (San Diego) Chrome Green Speckle Refractor (# /99)
Nick Gonzales (Pittsburgh) Chrome Aqua Mini Diamond Refractor (# /125)
Peyton Wilson (Kansas City) 1st Chrome Blue Lava Refractor (# /150)
Marco Luciano (San Francisco) Chrome Aqua Lava Refractor (# /199)
Henry Davis (Pittsburgh) Chrome Fucshia Shimmer Refractor (# /199)
Robert Hassell (San Diego) Chrome Purple Shimmer Refractor (# /250)
Blaze Jordan (Boston) Chrome Purple Refractor (# /250)
Denzer Guzman (Angels) Chrome Purple Refractor (# /250)
Shalin Polanco (Pittsburgh) Chrome Purple Refractor (# /250)
Pedro Pineda (Oakland) Chrome Speckle Refractor (# /299)
Eddys Leonard (Dodgers) 1st Chrome Refractor (# /499)
Noelvi Marte (Mariners) 1st Chrome Refractor (# /499)
Angel Martinez (Cleveland) Chrome Sky Blue Refractor
Brandon Barriera (Toronto) 1st Chrome Sky Blue Refractor
Chase DeLauter (Cleveland) 1st Chrome Sky Blue Refractor
Cole Phillips (Atlanta) 1st Chrome Sky Blue Refractor
Cristhian Vaquero (Washington) Chrome Sky Blue Refractor
Henry Davis (Pittsburgh) Chrome Sky Blue Refractor
Mikey Romero (Boston) 1st Chrome Sky Blue Refractor
Willy Vasquez (Tampa Bay) Chrome Sky Blue Refractor
Yerlin Confidan (Cincinnati) Chrome Sky Blue Refractor
Edgar Quero (Angels) 1st Chrome Atomic Refractor
Marcelo Mayer (Boston) Chrome Atomic Refractor
Robert Hassell (San Diego) Chrome Atomic Refractor
Andrew Pintar (Arizona) 1st Chrome Speckle Refractor
Eric Brown Jr (Milwaukee) 1st Chrome Speckle Refractor
William Bergolla (Philadelphia) Chrome Speckle Refractor
Adrian Placencia (Angels) 1st Chrome Shimmer Refractor

#'d Paper
Luis Matos Gold Parallel (# /50)
(1st) Andrew Pintar Green Parallel (# /99)
(1st) Dylan Ray Blue Parallel (# /150)
(1st) Joe Lampe Blue Parallel (# /150)
(1st) Ryan Ritter Blue Parallel (# /150)
Malcom Nunez Blue Parallel (# /150)
(1st) Alex Freeland Teal Parallel (# /199)
(1st) Karson Milbrandt Teal Parallel (# /199)
Marcelo Mayer Teal Parallel (# /199)
Wilman Diaz Teal Parallel (# /199)
Shalin Polanco Teal Parallel (# /199)
(1st) Gabriel Hughes Purple Parallel (# /250)
Coby Mayo Purple Parallel (# /250)
Samuel Munoz Purple Parallel (# /250)
Kyle Manzardo Purple Parallel (# /250)
Adael Amador Purple Parallel (# /250)
Bryan Acuna Purple Parallel (# /250)
(1st) Jorbit Vivas Fuchsia Parallel (# /299)
(1st) George Valera Green Parallel (# /399)
(1st) Jorbit Vivas Green Parallel (# /399)
(1st) Maikol Escotto Green Parallel (# /399)
(1st) Andrew Pintar Sky Blue Parallel (# /499)
(1st) Cutter Coffey Sky Blue Parallel (# /499)
(1st) Nazier Mule Sky Blue Parallel (# /499)
(1st) Sonny DiChiara Sky Blue Parallel (# /499)
(1st) Gavin Cross Sky Blue Parallel (# /499)
James Wood Sky Blue Parallel (# /499)
Joshua Baez Sky Blue Parallel (# /499)
Rosman Verdugo Sky Blue Parallel (# /499)
Yerlin Confidan Sky Blue Parallel (# /499)
Yordany De Los Santos Sky Blue Parallel (# /499)

2022 Bowman Platinum
Eguy Rosario (Padres) Green Parallel Auto (# /99)
Landon Marceaux Auto
Spencer Schwellenbach Auto

2022 Bowman Sterling
Carlos Colmenarez Orange Refractor Auto (# /25)
Liover Peguero Sterling Signage Auto (# /99)
Cooper Kinney Auto
Euribiel Angeles Auto
Wilman Diaz Auto

2021 Bowman 1st Autos
Pedro Pineda Speckle Refractor (# /299)
Angel Rondon (St. Louis)
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