2022 Leaf Metal Draft Hobby Preview!

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Oct 8, 2007
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Ramona, CA
Pick up 3 hobby boxes of 2022 Leaf Metal Draft Hobby. Each box contains 5 autos and 1 autographed pre-production 1/1 card. This year's boxes all contains Hall of Famers, Past Stars and the Draft Picks. AND, all cards are numbered to ten or less.
Just breaking 1 box on Sunday at 11 AM PDT. The other two boxes will probably be contest boxes 9 and 10.

2022 Metal Draft.jpg

If you haven't seen any of the YouTube breaks, you'll be amazed by the stars and colors of the cards and how many 1/1 you can pull.

Hoping to pick up a Jumbo box, if they get it any in.
Stop by Sunday and watch.

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Thanks Bob
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I watched a ton of this stuff opened last weekend and I saw tons of value. Only problem is the teams attached to the vet players were off compared to the uniforms they were wearing. I got into a 2 box jumbo break and got 3 Mets autos,2 of which were 1/1s.
I like it enough to order two Jumbo boxes, to go with the two hobby boxes I have.
Once Contest 8 is over, I will have one of the hobby boxes for Contest 9.