2022 Panini Father's Day FT (all gone/closed)


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I have a 2022 GQ Perez blue, and a Bo Jackson jersey from one of the Goodwin releases. Interested in trout snd acuna.
I need these two:
2022 Topps Gypsy Queen Blue #184 Salvador Perez /150 $8.00
2009 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Memorabilia #BJ Bo Jackson $8.00

would do the whole lot (minus the Mattingly which yankees1 called dibs on) for those two Royals if you want to post
or I'd do the Trout and Acuna for the Bo relic if you don't want the others


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Thought I had more but these are the KC guys I came across:
2021 Topps orange shimmer Whit Merrifield #109/299
2021 Pinnacle RC Daniel Lynch
2021 Chronicles Elite RC Brady Singer
2021 Mega box Bowman chrome ref Daniel Lynch
2021 Bowman Chrome mega box ref Bobby Witt jr
2021 Topps Rainbow foil Jakob Junis
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I would like a crack at what is left. Please let me know and I will send my list over. Chris
The Acuna, Trout and Mattingly are gone, but the rest are all still for trade:

2022 Panini Father's Day #26 Juan Soto - Washington Nationals
2022 Panini Father's Day #29 Nolan Ryan - Texas Rangers
2022 Panini Father's Day #45 Henry Davis - Louisville Cardinals (Pittsburgh Pirates)
2022 Panini Father's Day #47 Spencer Torkelson RC - Detroit Tigers
2022 Panini Father's Day Rookie - Bobby Witt Jr. RC - Kansas City Royals


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I'm not sure the BV as I don't see them listed. Can you take something from here? Chris

BRETT, GEORGE2004 Donruss Classics Membership #18 George Brett2004#'D56/2499$5.00
BRETT, GEORGE2004 Leaf MVP Winners #4 George Brett2004$5.00
BRETT, GEORGE2013 Topps Gypsy Queen Mini Black #230 George Brett2013#'D/199$8.00
BRETT, GEORGE2001 Topps Through the Years Reprints #30 George Brett '752001$8.00
BRETT, GEORGE2002 Greats of the Game #70 George Brett2002$5.00
CHAVEZ, ENDY2001 Fleer Authority #127 Endy Chavez RC2001RC/2001 BGS 8..5$5.00
CORTES, DANIEL2008 Donruss Elite Extra Edition #117 Daniel Cortes AU/6802008AUTO660/680$8.00
COSTA, SHANE2005 Bowman's Best #143 Shane Costa FY AU2005AUTO491/974$8.00
COX, AUSTIN2021 Bowman Prospect Autographs Green #PAPRACO Austin Cox2021AUTO3/99N/A
DITMAR, ART1962 Topps #246 Art Ditmar1962$5.00
DOZIER, HUNTER2013 Bowman Sterling Prospect Autographs #HD Hunter Dozier2013AUTO$8.00
DYE, JERMAINE2001 Studio Diamond Collection #DC49 Jermaine Dye2001RELIC$6.00
FEBLES, CARLOS2000 Pacific Emerald Green #205 Carlos Febles2000#'D13/99$6.00
FEEBLES, CARLOS1999 Revolution Shadow Series #68 Carlos Febles1999#'D37/99$6.00
FINNEGAN, BRANDON2014 Bowman Sterling Prospect Autographs #BSPABF Brandon Finnegan2014AUTO$8.00
GASPARINI, MARTEN2013 Elite Extra Edition Franchise Futures Signatures #22 Marten Gasparini/6522013AUTO427/652$8.00
GASPARINI, MARTIN2013 Elite Extra Edition Franchise Futures Signatures Red Ink #22 Marten Gasparini/252013AUTO22/25N/A
GIRUOTELLA, JOHNNY2008 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Signature Turn of the Century #53 Johnny Giavotella/8442008AUTO147/844$15.00
HOWSER, DICK1962 Topps #13 Dick Howser1962$8.00
LACY, ASA2020 Bowman Chrome Draft Refractors #BD88 Asa Lacy2020RC$12.00
LACY, ASA2020 Bowman Chrome Draft Sapphire #BD88 Asa Lacy2020RCHGS 9.5$12.00
LACY, ASA2021 Bowman Chrome Mega Box Futurist Orange Refractors #FUTAL Asa Lacy2020RC24/25$20.00
LACY, ASA2021 Bowman Chrome Prospects Atomic Refractors #BCP83 Asa Lacy2021RC$5.00
LACY, ASA2021 Bowman Chrome Prospects Blue Refractors #BCP83 Asa Lacy2021RC/150$10.00
LACY, ASA2021 Topps Pro Debut Chrome Refractors #PDC153 Asa Lacy2021RC/99$8.00
MACHADO, ALEJANDRO2003 Hot Prospects #102 Alejandro Machado AU RC2003AUTO308/500$8.00
MERRIFIELD, WHIT2021 Bowman Chrome Sapphire #52 Whit Merrifield2021N/A
RAVE, JOHN2020 Bowman Prospect Autographs #PAJR John Rave2020AUTO$6.00
SEULY, MATIAS2020 Onyx Vintage Extended Autographs Blue Ink #EASM Seuly Matias2020AUTO*275N/A
SULIVAN, HAYWOOD1962 Topps #184 Haywood Sullivan1962$8.00
SWEENEY, MIKE2003 Bowman Heritage Diamond Cuts Relics #MS Mike Sweeney Jsy A2003RELIC$8.00
SWEENEY, MIKE2003 Upper Deck Play Ball Game Used Memorabilia Tier 1 #MS1 Mike Sweeney Jsy2003RELIC$8.00
SWEENEY, MIKE2004 Reflections #163 Mike Sweeney Jsy L12004RELIC$6.00
SWEENEY, MIKE2004 Topps Clubhouse Black Relics #MSW Mike Sweeney Jsy2004RELIC14/25$15.00
SWEENEY. MIKE2002 Fleer Box Score Press Clippings Game Used #20 Mike Sweeney Jsy2002RELIC$10.00
SWEENEY. MIKE2002 Leaf Shirt Off My Back #MS Mike Sweeney2002RELIC$10.00
WITT, BOBBY2020 Panini Prizm Top of the Class #2 Bobby Witt Jr.2020RC$10.00
WITT, BOBBY2021 Bowman Chrome '20 Summer Camp Refractors #SC21 Bobby Witt Jr.2021RC$8.00
WITT, BOBBY2021 Bowman Chrome '91 Bowman Refractors #91BBW Bobby Witt Jr.2021RC$5.00
WITT, BOBBY2021 Bowman Chrome Futurist Refractors #FUTBW Bobby Witt Jr.2021RC$8.00
WITT, BOBBY2021 Bowman Chrome Positional Promise Refractors #POSBW Bobby Witt Jr.2021RC$8.00
WITT, BOBBY2021 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP1 Bobby Witt Jr.2021RC$10.00
WITT, BOBBY2021 Panini Contenders Future Stars #3 Bobby Witt Jr.2021RC$10.00
WITT, BOBBY2022 Bowman Chrome Hi-Fi Futures #HIFI5 Bobby Witt Jr.2022RC$8.00