2023 Bowman Baseball Blaster Base to Break! Auto! 3#'d

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5.00 star(s)
Oct 8, 2007
Ramona, CA

Great Box!
Chris Murphy PPA-CM Base Auto Red Sox
Anthony Volpe Sights of September SOS-14 Yankees
Cristian Hernandez Modern Prospect #MP7 Cubs
Riley Greene Rookie of the Year Favorites #ROYF6 Tigers

Axel Sanchez 44/399 Lava Refractors #BCP73 Marinerss
Spencer Jones 285/399 Fuchsia #BP139 Yankees
Aeverson Arteaga 75/125 Scouts Top 100 Aqua Refractors #BTP66 Giants

Scouts Top 100 74 Jett Williams Mets 85 Roderick Arias Yankees

Chrome Prospects:
BCP 9 Cole Young Mariner 29 Ceddanne Rafaela Red Sox 36 Logan Wagner LAD 55 Mariohendrick Martinus LAD 67 William Bergola PHL 80 Samuel Munoz LAD 108 Jacob Berry Marlins 126 Marcus Lee Sang PHL 131 Alejandro Osuna TEX
134 Tony Blanco Jr PIT 137 Juan Alonso LAD

About 50 Base cards to the break and still 3 Bowman Blasters and 1 Mystery Blaster!
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