2023 Bowman Paper Base and Prospects sets-in hand

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Jan 29, 2003
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St. Louis, Mo
I bought a hobby case of 2023 Bowman paper base and paper prospects. I have at least 10 base sets for $20 ea dlvd. I have 2 paper prospects sets for $50 ea dlvd. LMK, Thanks, Aaron
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If you have any Roderick arias and Spencer jones cards I would like a shot at them

also dominguez and volpes
I'm not ready to break up sets yet so I only have 1 extra of each Arias and Jones. I could use a BP15 Mejia paper if you have 1. LMK, Aaron
I didn't see anything on your tradelist that I could use. Would you consider buying? LMK, Aaron
Hey Aaron,
I would buy one of each subset, base and prospects, if you would allow me to send a check, you cash it, and then send the cards.
Quit Paypal some time ago.
LMK. Thanks