2023 Topps-wttf/wtt-Last card needed

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Jan 29, 2003
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St. Louis, Mo

For trade:
Royal Blue-245 Judge
Rainbow-63 Cron-104 Hiura-183 Suzuki
HRC-19 Schwarber-21Buxton
SMLB Chrome-6 Robert-11 Yelich

LMK, Aaron
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Any need for Nolan Gorman RC from the silver packs? Or one two punch Gibson/Carlton....Interested in the Tatis Jr SMLBC. Let me know. Best regards, David
I have SMLB-23 Gorman $6 and I’ll trade for base #206 Henderson and #330 Rodriguez for my set. Let me know if you have those two and want to trade. Thanks.
Hi! I have 2023 topps Gold NL Runs battled in League Alonso/Goldschmidt/Lindor 0513/2023 Card 240. Looking for 2023 Topps insert for the trade. Best regards, David
I'm looking for 2023 Topps Cardinal parallels. Here is what I need:

Gold Foil from Jumbos-5-16-34-43
Gold #/2023-4-5-16-43-52
MLB Rookie Trophy cards-7 Witt-226 Harris-250 Rutschman
SMLB-22 Rutschman

For trade:
Rainbow-104 Hiura
HRC-6 Soto-19 Schwarber
SMLB Chrome-6 Robert
Team Logo Patch Relic from Blasters-Soto

LMK, Aaron
I have the 7 Witt, and SMLB-22 Rutschman. I have a Topps Cosmic 36 Yepez RC and 2020 Jack Flaherty Donruss Relic DM-JF

Not sure if you have interest
I just need 7 Witt, and SMLB-22 Rutschman.. I have 2023 Topps-T88-17-65-100, HRC-6 Soto, AND 12P-18. LMK, Aaron
Hey Aaron, Can you still use 2023 Topps 226? You have some All Aces inserts that I can use.. PLMK THX JEFF
The 2023 Topps 226 books for $5.00.

The All Aces I can use are # 12, 18, 21, 22 which together book for $5.00. If agreeable can you post.. THX JEFF
I just need 7 Witt, and SMLB-22 Rutschman.. I have 2023 Topps-T88-17-65-100, HRC-6 Soto, AND 12P-18. LMK, Aaron
I like to do... the BV is light your side, can I add anything? let me know.

2023 Topps Stars of the MLB #SMLB22 Adley Rutschman $8
2023 Topps #7 Bobby Witt Jr. 2.50

for these needs

2023 Topps Home Run Challenge Code Card #HRC6 Juan Soto 6
2023 Topps One Two Punch #12P18 Gerrit Cole/Justin Verlander 1.50
2023 Topps '88 Topps #T88100 Anthony Rizzo 1.50
2023 Topps '88 Topps #T8865 Vinnie Pasquantino 2
2023 Topps '88 Topps #T8817 Julio Urias 1.25
I have rainbow Molina is interested.

and or the Molina Green
or the Pujol Advance Stats
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