7/2 - some early red, white, and blue


4.90 star(s)
First the TTM box

Ryan Dempster
1/3 - kept other two
42 days

Mr. T's Comment: the most reliable signer from the South Side only signed one for me, but oh well. The bad thing is the bottom left corner is damaged, actually peeling so the card will become two! Might resend to him next year to replace this card.

Also, the mail part of the box:

50/50 with greatdadx2

93 Donruss Franklin Stubbs
08 Bowman Chrome Prospects Nick Buss
09 Loons Austin Gallagher
09 Loons JonMichael Redding
09 Loons Tony Delmonico
09 Loons Nathan Eovaldi
09 Loons Bobby Blevins
09 Loons Josh Walter
09 Loons Alfredo Silverio
09 Loons Nick Buss
09 Loons Robert Boothe
09 Loons Matt Wallach
09 Loons Kyle Smit

BONUSES: 04 Cracker Jack Rafael Furcal and 09 A&G Everth Cabrera (this is what happens when you are always trying to help him with that 88 set)

Mr. T's Comment: two words - highly recommended. I will plan to do this again with him next year with this year's team set, once I buy them. If anybody can do the Chatanooga Lookouts, I have a few I need for this set or can work with you down the line.