8/11 - the 1 day late birthday card

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Aug 30, 2007
The Michigan Thumb
As I turned 20 yesterday, I had nothing in the mail. It has been about a month since I last sent stuff out and I'm sending out 50 more before I leave for school (rounding out the year with 50 hopefully before Thanksgiving). Well, something came today!

Johnny Damon
c/o Tigers
1/2 - 36 days

Mr. T's Comment: He is a decent TTM signer, so I must have got him at the right time. The Tigers will not forward any "large items" to any players, so be warned. I got my 09 A&G back, but he kept the 07 Topps. I'll still take it!
I sent to him when he was with Boston, but I don't think the Red Sox are good about forwarding their mail. I didn't think he signed TTM, I will have to try him again.
Boston players this year have sent back the "too busy, here's a postcard" with their requests from what I've seen (Pedroia, Wakefield, Papelbon). I did get back Okajima during ST and have seen Francona signing a little bit.

The Tigers are cracking down on players signing this year (public appearances have no outside items, more barriers around parking lot making it impossible to get anything). Also the large items thing is new this year. I noticed Damon was a good signer with the Yankees, so I took a shot with him this year.