8/20 - some SALMON and some more


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Not a bad way to kick off the weekend after last night...

TRADE - from a fellow Tigers collector for an Adam Everett signed card

Lou Whitaker (another 84 WS Tigers player in my collection, which is slowly growing unintentionally)

then the mailbox

Brad Ziegler
1/1 (c/o team)
8 days

Mr. T's Comment: One of the current MLB players quickest signers finally came through for me now that I got a card of his a few weeks ago. Those starting out should send to him right off the bat.

Tim Salmon
3/3 (address in database)
8 days

Mr. T's Comment: I guess you can say that I went fishing and caught a few salmon's! :p Anyways, he would be a "modern Angels great" in my book, and has finally started signing. I wouldn't wait too long on this guy to get something signed.


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Congrats, I knew about Brad Ziegler being a great signer, I sent my cards of his to him last year, and I have not gotten anything back yet. So now every pack of cards I buy, I hope to get a Ziegler to send to him again. Anyway, Congrats on your success!!