8/20 - some SALMON and some more

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Aug 30, 2007
The Michigan Thumb
Not a bad way to kick off the weekend after last night...

TRADE - from a fellow Tigers collector for an Adam Everett signed card

Lou Whitaker (another 84 WS Tigers player in my collection, which is slowly growing unintentionally)

then the mailbox

Brad Ziegler
1/1 (c/o team)
8 days

Mr. T's Comment: One of the current MLB players quickest signers finally came through for me now that I got a card of his a few weeks ago. Those starting out should send to him right off the bat.

Tim Salmon
3/3 (address in database)
8 days

Mr. T's Comment: I guess you can say that I went fishing and caught a few salmon's! :p Anyways, he would be a "modern Angels great" in my book, and has finally started signing. I wouldn't wait too long on this guy to get something signed.
Congrats, I knew about Brad Ziegler being a great signer, I sent my cards of his to him last year, and I have not gotten anything back yet. So now every pack of cards I buy, I hope to get a Ziegler to send to him again. Anyway, Congrats on your success!!
You should try to get auto's of Catfish Hunter, Kevin Bass, Steve Trout, Greg "The Shark" Norman and Bill "The Big Tuna" Parcells, too!