8/21 - 3 for the weeks' end


4.90 star(s)
Roberto Hernandez
9 days

Mr. T's Comment: Mr. Hernandez has been a consistent, and quick, signer so I didn't hesitate with him. With about 300 SV's in his career, he wasn't a half bad player either.:p

Dave Rozema
9 days

Mr. T's Comment: Another '84 WS Tigers player (which means I'm close to 10, but not quite there). He is also a quick signer, and will make public appearances in Michigan if you need him on a team item that you wouldn't trust in the mail.

Koji Uehara
9 days

Mr. T's Comment: Koji's signature is unique, but quite as cool as Fu-Te Ni's. He doesn't have very many cards, but I think that is why his mail gets signed very quickly. It might be worth buying a RC for $1 and sending to him now.