8/5 - One Success, One Failure

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Jul 9, 2010
Rhode Island, USA
Argh--second time this week I've only batted .500. :mad:

First, the good. Great-looking sig from Jody Davis, 2 weeks c/o the Boise Hawks:


And then the bad: I took a chance and sent to Goose Gossage without including the $10 fee, since I've read that some people have had luck getting him to sign stuff for free over the last year or so. Got it back unsigned, along with a note saying that autographs are $20. :rolleyes:
great job on the one and gossage is hit or miss for the free ones..I'm Glad I got his many years ago
I got Goose about a week before he was inducted into the HOF...it doesn't have the HOF insc. but it was still nice to knock him off the Rangers list without having to pay for it :) Congrats on the other return!
Thanks, guys. :) Guess I'll just keep my eye out for other returns from Gossage, and if I see that a couple of people get him back for free at some point, I'll try him again. Just my bad luck to catch him right when he's apparently decided to start enforcing the fee thing again (not to mention doubling his price). But I saw on the other site that someone who sent to him early in July, along with $10, had success, so if you really want him I'd get him right now for $10 before he gets strict about the new $20 amount.

In the meantime, I'll just move along. I'm determined to get all the guys who sign for free before I start paying for 'em. The only exceptions to that are Yogi Berra and Earl Weaver, who I figure I'd better get while I can (but of course I'm going to wait awhile on Yogi, to give him time to recover).

Hoping to see something in the mailbox from the Penguin in the next few days... :cool:
congrats on the return and set hit! very nice
i wouldn't have a problem with sending $10 for the goose but may think twice about a $20. unless is it for a donation? then i would say it's not too bad.
that stinks about gossage but i think $10 for him is fair price... congrats on davis he has a great sig!!!!