A Bench milestone for me!


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Yes the is a big Bench milestone for the Fatboy. This is post #10,000 . Yeah I know thats a lot of hot air to be floating around out there. I have enjoyed everyone. Now I need to work a little harder on my trades and maybe I can reach 1000 trades before the next 10,000. Thanks to Peter for giving me a place to trade ,rant and share. Even if it is just a Fatboys opinion. Peace out and trade on! Randy


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Hey Mr Fatboycards
You have my hardy congrats on reaching such a milestone in your long and lively carrer here on the Bench
You are one of the people who makes Bench what it is a place to make trades, meet nice people and stir up some nice conversations. Very nice job sir


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Congratulations Randy on your 10,000th post and thanks for all you do for us.

And coincidentally enough, this will be my 7000th post. Woot! :D