a few 1984 topps football packs just added to my ebay store....


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scored a huge deal this past saturday , picking up a bunch of 1984 Topps football wax packs....the packs looked a bit worse for wear so the seller agreed to let me open a two packs at random before any deal was finalized to double check the condition....of 30 total cards from 2 packs , everything was fine with the exception of the back card in each pack having the typical wax stain.....i still have the other 19 packs here ...looking to sell 12 of them ASAP and then play it by ear with the final 7 packs....i have 3 separate listings active right now , all featuring free shipping....if anyone here can use any and lets me know there bench user ID and that they saw this thread , i'll knock an extra $1 off PER PACK from my current BIN prices....

single pack (4 available) :

1 unopened pack of 1984 Topps football

2 pack lots (2 available) :

2 unopened wax packs of 1984 Topps football

4 pack lot (1 available) :

4 unopened wax packs of 1984 Topps football