A Few Helpful Tips. Please read!

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Oct 21, 2002
I thought I'd post a few helpful posting tips for our newer members. (And some of our older members!) :) Hopefully, everybody'll read this.

1) If you're responding to somebody's wantlist, and you're listing all the cards of a player you have for trade, list them in order by year. For instance:

1996 Topps #123
1997 Topps #456
1998 Topps #789

Instead of:

1998 Topps
1942 Topps
2003 Topps
1995 Topps

Many of the Bench members have checklists made out of the players they collect, and it's a lot easier and quicker to go through a list of cards to see what's needed, if you are able to go in order, instead of having to jump around your checklist.

2) Please give cards numbers when listing cards. For example, I collect Barry Sanders, but in the early 1990's, most of the card companies have multiple cards of Sanders in their sets. To say you have a 1991 Score Barry Sanders is fine, but he's got 3 cards in that set. Which one do you have? You need to list card numbers with the year and set.

3) If at all possible, give all pertinant information in your posts. If a card is serial-numbered, at least say it's #/2500 (or whatever). Give the actual serial-numbering if possible. The same goes for jersey swatch colors on your game-used cards. While it's not always overly important, I see numerous posts asking "what color's the jersey?". The more information you can give, the easier it is to make a trade.

4) If you're contacting somebody about a card you've got for trade, check out their tradelists and have a general idea of what you'd like in return. It's great to find out you have a Nomar Garciaparra card I want, but let me know what you're interested in from my tradelist, because that'll be my reply to you. "Great! What would you like from my tradelists in return?" It saves time, and makes it easier.

5) Combine your posts into one post! In order to save space, and not clutter up the boards, we ask that you post all your wantlists or tradelists in one big post. Please don't post individual posts asking for each player you collect, or offering up cards of individual players.

6) Always, always, always be sure to post your trades in the Ongoing Trades/Sales forum. If you don't post your trades, there is no way for the Bench Moderators or Bench Trade Task Force to help you in the event of a problem. (Responding to said trades when completed is also a very nice thing to do.)
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I agree and would add...

Hoosier has stated some excellent rules... I would just add this:

1. Please properly protect your cards before you ship your items. They need to be shiped in say penny sleeves in a top-loader or sleeved and bound between some firm cardboard or in a plastic box or something.

2. DO NOT SHIP LOOSELY. I have received two packages lately that had absolutly nothing to protect the cards. The seller just put them in an envelope as is and shipped them. This is a huge no-no....

3. When in the toploader, put a piece of tape on the top end to keep the card inside. They tend to slide out if given the opportunity and this kiils the protection that was intended.

4. Pack them as you would want to receive your cards. The old Golden Rule...Ship unto others as you would have them ship unto you...




I totally understand what you're saying... but... understand that things aren't specified by either side in these posts. Example: I want all your Gwynn's you have... No thanks I have those already... Things need to be specified on both sides of all posts. If someone only want one card each of a certain player than let the other know you want specifics. I just wonder how someone could have a favorite player but doesn't want duplicates of a card. It won't hurt to have duplcates and it probably helps the other person out. If you will only trade jersey for jersey than specify it in the post and so on. Don't wait until someone reply's and then tell them...


I hate it when someone "Tapes the Top". Maybe its because I haven't received that damaged card yet but it pisses me off that the toploader is now wasted. If someone has a toploader that they have to tape to keep the card in then it's garbage to begin with. I would have to shake the toploader in order for a card to come out. I can't see how cards could come out of a toploader and be damaged. If its a card worth any kind of value, go spend twenty cents and get a bubble envelope. If you don't ship in bubble envelopes then use the cardboard method or use a toploader on both sides and tape those so you're not taping the toploader that the card(s) is already in. If everyone would ship like such then we could recycle the ones being taped. I feel much better now that I could actually tell someone how I feel about the "Tape the Top" method.

For all gripes and complaints feel free to contact Hoosier or BenchTrader, they will be more than happy to help you out. Thanks... Don
I also HATE taped top loaders. What I use, I take a regular size envelope that comes in the mail and cut of the very end to slip the mail out. Now using a top loader as a guide, I cut three sleeves that I can mail a top loader in snugly. Now all you have to do is put a piece of tape to close the open end(s) of this sleeve, I tape this top loader to the bottom of a security envelope to mail.
There's no reason that toploaders that have been taped are "worthless." Just use them when you send a card to somebod else.
An alternative....

I do not always tape my toploaders.... What I do is insert my cards being traded into a smaller envelope and then fold it and tape it to the shape of the cards inside. That insures that the cards do not escape the top loader. I then write the trade number and my info on the outside of the envelope to properly identify me and who these cards were from... I am sorry that I offended you by saying to tape them shut but I am trading for the card inside and want to insure that it is mint rather than be concerned about the worth of a 10 cent toploader. If you are interested in mint toploaders, I am pleased to suggest that you contact Colin at NWCardSupplies and support a fellow Bench member... Instead of picking apart posts, just protect the cards.... that is all I was suggesting....

I have several hundred used toploaders from ebay purchases and trades that I just reuse them on my trades. I do prefer that my cards come in a TAPED toploader. I've had way to many people send me cards that slip out during shipping and the corners get damaged (even in a bubble mailer). Envelopes go thru all kinds of torture before they reach the final destination. I should know I service the equipment.

haha Getting mauled on this I see. I do re-use the toploaders in trades and purchases. I was just trying to make a point here. Its kind of like monkey see monkey do. Everyone has their opinion on this. I see a little controversy here. My question to begin with was why tape a perfectly good toploader? If everyone understood, instead of reading into things than I wouldn't of got hammered here (haha). If you have a toploader that when you turn it upside down the card falls out, then you need to recycle that thing. This is what I was getting at. If you have the good toploaders that you have to do the "wrist to palm" smack to get the card out, these are the ones I hate getting taped. Anyways, enough defending myself here. That wrap the cards in another envelope to keep them from moving is an excellent way to go. Thanks... Don
I received a card a couple days ago which had partially slipped out of its' toploader ( fortunately, no damage). I slid the card back into the top loader and left it in my "to be put away" pile. After reading this post, I retrieved the card and gave it the "smack" test. It passed. In fact, this card is quite snugly fit into the top loader.

I have a gazillion already been taped toploaders, so I am not too concerned about "wasting" a prefectly good toploader. I am concerned about getting the card to its destination safely without putting a lot of time or money (postage) into it. Taping the top of a toploader and dropping it in a no 6 3/4 envelope has been working fine for me.