A little blast fom the past in the basement


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Was doing a little fall cleaning today with the Mrs.

While I was down stairs i found this toy chest my grandfather made for me when I was a baby some 40+ years ago.

I grabbed the camera and took some pics as I went through it.

I pulled this out. A 200 ct box from Sports Heaven in Ohio

I opened it up and this is what I saw

I pulled the cards out and lo and behold there were 175 2002 Topps traded Manny Delcarmen RC's

I bought them back in 02 because he was a local kid who I knew when he was 12 or 13 because he bowled in a league where I worked. He was also a starter with great stuff.

The out came the rack and cello packs.

I had such a man crush on Eric Davis....

Ripken AS and a Davis. Woot!!

Now I don't really know why I had this pack. As you can see above all the others had RC's ot Trophy or stars on them.
The only reason I can think is "Michael Jackson" is on the front

Then we had this...remember when they were all the rage?
They stopped making the film this year

Then there was a box marked "Eric's cards DO NOT TOUCH!" Eric was my daughters high school boyfriend and gave me this box in 01 or so. IT did have Classic Proline Lawrence Taylor Auto in it once. Don't know where it went though.
This was in there now

There were also 2 autographed baseballs.
From 2001 (I think) Topps Reserve a Jason Belcher auto. And a Topps Archives Minne Minoso Auto's Ball.

Was pretty fun to look through.