Aaah, those Non-sports cards


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Civil disagreement is generally good for the hobby. Should I keep rip card, or try for what's behind Door #3? What is the rate of trade exchange for a Million Card Giveaway card? And what to do with those non-sports cards in card packs?

The hobby becomes fun when collectors have different 'real' values for $2 cards. No better way to trade than sending your stuff you don't want for stuff on your wantlist. While the interest lifespan on the NSI (non-sports inserts) may be short-term, maybe not.

While this post may have been run into the ground before, I'm late to the party. If it's old news, don't respond. That's fine. But there is a 'modicum of interest', so I thought I'd throw this out there.

This isn't intended to have everyone and their sister post wantlists/havelists. It would be nice to have a place to give your general thoughts on the trend. I have heard undercurrents, but no official post.

As a serial EBay-er. I get stuff at the end of lots often enough. If you visit my www and find twenty or so base commons for a set (or of your team) I could probably let them go for some NSI. Or if there is a card in my general GU section of a common (no, my Matt Holliday /9 is not a common), there's a possibility there as well. (I don't like the USPS getting all my money, so I like trades in the $20 range per). In fact, if someone offers me some Alpacas, a few Cows, some Landmarks, and a Harry S Truman insert, they might be able to get all six Hank Blaylock relic cards. (Slight exaggeration.)

On the other side, if you like what's on my (slowly growing) page of "Not Sports Related and would be willing to offer cards that would go onto my GU Star page, let me know.

So, for me, NSI fall somewhere between "Hank Blalock Bat" and "Jeff Bagwell Jersey" on the bait food chain. And they would definitely trade for set filler.

PM me if we're trade compatable. And be prepared to offer specifics. Few things tire me out more than the ("I want your XYRFET jersey card. Look at my site and tell me what you want in exchange.") type of posts. Your adult enough to tell me what's a reasonable offer to you.

And "The Juggler Guy" rates well below Noted Landmarks, Animals and Esteemed Citizens types to me.


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You looking for anything NSI related? I'd be happy to dig out what I have for you and trade them for whatever. Let me know and I can start grabbing those actor/politician/A&G cards for you:)