AL West PowerRankings


4.90 star(s)
Oakland A's #1
Starting Pitching Sharp/Castro/Martin gotta say they have the best in divison. If Sharp's control holds up and Martin's age doesn't catch up to soon they should win the division with pitching
Bullpen has some very nice arms who shouldn't have a ton of trouble closing things out.
Offense Highway for some reason keeps putting up crazy numbers/Bowers continues to produce/1B Shan and OF Williams give them more then enough big bats to put up a lot of numbers
System is one of the better ones out there in overall talent.

Texas Rangers #2
Starters a couple of solid pitchers but no elite talent or allstar type starters to me. Tough to put them #2
Bullpen has a couple of nice arms shouldn't be a major concern for this team.
Offense with Lopez and Simpson has a few elite offensive players who I think are going to have to carry this team and stay healthy for this team to finish 2nd but I don't think they pitching is there to make a wild card run and could see Seattle with there SP talent sneaking up if things go south.
System looks like a very promising future for this team and should be another probable top 10 system in my eyes.

Seattle Marniers #3
Starters not a ton of depth but the top couple of guys have ridiculous talent and if they live up to there talent should rise Seattle sooner the later.
Bullpen has some decent arms nothing great could hold them back from catching the Rangers.
Offense not great but has some very nice talent 2B Berthelot is elite.
System has got to be a top 10 system a lot of talent in there should bold well for the future

Arizona Diamondbacks #4
Starters have a couple of good veteran pitchers but other then that not impressed.
Bullpen has some decent talent but not gonna matter due to the rotation in my opinion
Offense nice SS and a very good pure hitter in 1B Fujita shouldn't be a bad offense at all but pitching once again is the problem here to me.
System once again another team in this divison with a very strong farm system things could get interesting in this divison in the future.