Albert Pujols Autograph Buybacks Added To 2011 Tribute Baseall


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Topps announces that the upcoming 2011 Topps Tribute Baseball is getting a huge addition.

10 years ago, Albert Pujols burst onto the hobby scene with Topps’ iconic Autographed Rookie Cards. 10 years later, he’s considered one of the game’s greats and his 2001 Autographed Rookie Cards are considered some of the most valuable and treasured in this collecting generation. To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of these iconic cards, Topps pays TRIBUTE with a special buyback program.

The company is inserting 30 redemption cards for Albert Pujols’ 2001 Autographed Rookie Card. Each redemption card is good for an original buyback of one of the following cards:

*2001 Bowman Chrome Autograph

*2001 Topps Finest Autograph

*2001 Topps Reserve Autograph

Collectors will be notified of which card they will be receiving once they’ve entered the redemption code’s pin number at