WTT/WTS All my Autos and Relics are on the block


5.00 star(s)
Some of these I will be asking for a lot in return on, some of them may be easier to get.

Let me know if you like anything, really just looking through lists, pages, Flickrs etc until something peaks my interest.

Some of these patches are really nice looking, so just ask if you would like to see one of the cards specifically and I will get a scan up for you.

I will sell for the right price, but trading for cards I like will take precedence.


Bellinger, Cody 2021 Museum Collection Meaningful Material #MMR-CB (patch) 18/25
Carew, Rod 2003 Leaf Limited Limited Legends #LL-30 (dual jersey patch) 05/15
Guerrero, Vladimir 2003 Fleer Tradition Throwback Threads #TT-VG (jersey)
Mays, Willie 2001 UD Cooperstown Collection #B-WM (bat)
Robinson, Frank 2007 UD Premier Premier Patches (triple jersey patch) 29/56
Rodriguez, Alex 2016 Donruss Back to the Future #BF-AR Jersey
Skubal, Tarik 2021 Museum Collection Primary Pieces (quad jersey) SPQR-TSK 34/99
Speaker, Trix 2014 Immaculate Panini Accolades #11 (bat) 62/99
Syndergaard, Noah 2021 Immaculate #19 (jersey) 45/99
White, Evan 2021 Immaculate (patch) 5/7
Winfield, Dave 2002 Fleer Classic Cuts #DW-B (bat)


Chisholm, Jazz 2021 Stadium Club #SCBA-JC
Florial, Estevan 2021 Immaculate #IMA-EF (Patch Auto) 01/10
Gallo, Joey 2021 Museum Collection Signature Swatches (dual jersey) 051/249
Gorman, Thomas 2019 Topps Archives Fan Favorite #FFA-GT PURPLE 071/150
Heuer, Codi 2021 Museum Collection Archival Autograph 202/299
Huff, Sam 2021 #114 Immaculate Rookie Patch Auto Jersey Number (redemption)
Kirk, Alejandro 2021 Immaculate #168 (Patch Auto) 37/85
Rojas, Cookie 2019 Topps Archives Fan favorites #FFA-CR
Weathers, Ryan 2021 Immaculate #RTS-RW (triple jersey Auto) 63/99