Any lawyers that subscribe toi

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Jan 22, 2003
Delanco, NJ
I am sick and tired of Beckett and their "beta" site that never works but continues to bank them big time money every month. Is there a way to start a classa ction suit against them so that they are forced to fix their site or they have to stop charging money? I do not know how this would work or how expensive it would be, but they need to have their clocks cleaned for the way they run their business.
The constant f5 reload screens when you are trying to load cards into your collections for one. This morning, I could not look up prices on cards and kept getting an error message that when you clicked on the contact support link took you to another contact support message.

The help forum is filled to the rim with customer complaints that never seem to be fixed (make that barely acknowledged) but they continue to charge money for a beta (testing site) for almost 18 months......
Easiest thing to do is STOP paying for a service you feel is not worth the price.

EXACTLY. The best place to hit them is in the wallet. It's the only thing companies seem to understand at the moment.

are you downloading stuff at the same time? i find that when im downloading i have problems with there site, so i just pause my DL and im on my way

speak with your money if you dont like it, dont buy it
They got my money every month for years. One month into this new site, they haven't seen a dime from me. I do everything I can from a book now. I know people get frustrated with me on here, but until they develop something better than they have I guess maybe I'll just focus on older cards.

i use beckett constantly for organizing my collection even make quite a few trades on there, i have the occasional problem with the f5, but in the long run it works fine for me

one thing that does get me going is i will ad cards into my organize, and then when i search for them they dont show up, unless am in view all mode

very annoying!
I seemed to have much fewer problems after I switched to Firefox and stopped using Internet Explorer. I do however feel they really dropped the ball big time when they debuted the new site. -James
I usually do not have problems with their site and have actually found their new system to be quite helpful (though imperfect).

And I'm a lawyer.
The site is just horribly designed, plain and simple.

Take a look at the page for the 2002 Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor #333 Jonny Gomes. I tried to add some pics, but look how it turned out.