Anybody interested in team lots?


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hey all, trying to unload all these commons/inserts/numbered inserts i have from 2000-present. the best way i can think of is to do team lots!, each lot would be between 100-300 cards. i figure .05 cents for each common and .10 for each insert or somewhere around there, plus shipping. would prefer to be paid by paypal . please let me know which teams youd be interested in and i will pull the cards.

not looking for window shoppers because i dont wanna end up with piles of cards everywhere lol. please let me know who you want!

Could do small yankees lot but i plan to keep alot of the yankees

Lots pulled so far:

Rockies -180 Cards Total = 142 Commons, 28 Inserts, 10 Numbered inserts, 1 Jason Jennings Patch

$24 shipped

Brewers - 269 Cards total = 203 Commons, 54 Inserts, 15 Numbered inserts

$25 shipped

willing to work with you on price too, as they are commons/inserts. just want to at least cover shipping and make a few dollars! motivated seller!!