Anyone gone on a cross country road trip?


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Since I got out of collecting a few years back, I started going to a lot of concerts. Because of that, I started going on a lot of road trips. New York City, Nashville, Kansas City, Live Oak, FL, Indianapolis, Charlotte etc. etc. I've never been west of Kansas City, so I think it's time to cross this off my bucket list while I'm young and able.

I've been thinking about driving cross country to California for years and wanted to accomplish it before I graduated with my Bachelor's but it wasn't in the cards. I have 2 more years of graduate school before I enter the real world and Sallie Mae owns me until I'm 50, so I am planning on doing this next summer. I have friends and family that I'll be able to stay with along the way so that should save me quite a bit of money. Hoping to talk a friend into going with me to cut down on costs as well.

Has anyone on The Bench driven cross country? Any ideas, hints, tips? I'm not a novice traveler, but I'm also not an expert. I think I'm an in-between. Any input or guidance would be great!


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Heck my sister and brother in law just toured the country for 26 days. The reason they did was to see the country slowly with out any real rush. To drive across the country and not have to time to enjoy the sights I don't know if that is prudent. Take your time and take in this great country.


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Best thing I would suggest is to make sure you get your car a tune-up before you leave. Get the tires rotated, oil changed, fluids checked...all that good stuff. Helps with the peace of mind and there is nothing worse than having a major car breakdown when you are far from home.

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I've driven to Cali once and Arizona once from Cleveland Ohio.I've also taken Amtrak 3 times. I was heading to Cali to move there with my daughter and didn't really stop to sight see much. Did stop at the Corvette assembly plant and museum in Bowling Green Kentucky and some interesting things on the way but didn't really plan to see anything. Amtrak is cool but you can't see to much of the country. Planning on going back to Cali in June for good. Good luck and have fun.


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HI About every other year we drive back to the midwest and #2 is going to school in St Louis and we have to drive her back with car.
A lot depends what you want to see. If you want to see a lot of baseball. Plan it to go thru....Chicago and see the White Sox and Cubs...then to St Louis, up the 70 to the Royals...thru Denver, up to Seatle, down thru Oakland...San Francisco. Then head home by LA, Anaheim, San Diego...Phoenix...and Arlington and Houston.


if you driving use a map and avoid them dam GPS systems, out here in the stick of the west we get a few city drivers get lost, thinking that its faster to take these back roads to get where you want to go, but end up lost for days or worse. even gogle maps has a bad habbit or not using the correct roads anymore, it shows a road where a lake it and has been for over 40 years. so dont trust em use the good old road atlas and plan your trips out too.


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In my twenties I lived in Phoenix and drove back to Boston to see my family several times.

Each time I made the drive I loved it. I stayed in cheap motels and made the trip in about 5 days. If you do it alone, it is definitely a spirit-changing journey. All that time alone gives you the chance to examine your life and your beliefs.


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Driven to Cali a few times. Kansas can be boring or dangerous due to storms and hot.

Take your time, plan it well and enjoy sights along the way