Anyone have some 2000 Fleer Focus Masterpiece Mania #d to 300 cards and Prospect Portraits #d 1-999 of 3999 (cards 226 thru 250)? - 4/11/2023

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Oct 13, 2002
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Updated 4/11/2023..,Chipping away at three 2000 Fleer Focus Masterpiece mania #d to 300 sets. Any help out there? Been hoarding these for years building 250 card Masterpiece Mania sets with each card numbered to 300. The regular base set consisted of 275 cards with 2 versions of the 226 through 250 Prospect cards. I can also use a few of the 1-999 of 3999 Portrait version cards but do not need any more of the regular 1000-3999 of 3999 version.

* = Coming in mail

Also looking for base set one card (# 160 Sean Casey) to finish a 225 card base set I thought was finished

Want Lists (2000 Fleer Focus Prospect Portraits)
I’m ONLY looking for Prospect PORTRAIT 1-999 of 3999 version now of these Prospect cards plus Manias #d to 300 listed below on want lists

P = Prospect Portraits #d 001- 999 of 3999 …. R = Regular Prospects #d 1000-3999 of 3999

Set # 7......228P(Norm Hutchins), 230P(Ben Petrick)
Set # 8.... 228P(Norm Hutchins),230P(Ben Petrick),235P(Chad Hermanssen)

Fleer Focus 2000 Masterpiece Mania Set # 1 (each #d to 300) Want List
(9 cards to go out of 250 for complete set…241/250 so far)
17(Bobby Higginson), 50(Ken Griffey, Jr),113(Omar Vizquel), 129(Tony Gwynn), 168(Frank Thomas), 186(Barry Larkin), 218(Barry Bonds), 220(Paul O’Neill), 247(Eric Munson),

Fleer Focus 2000 Masterpiece Mania Set # 2 (each #d to 300) Want List
(24 cards to go out of 250 for complete set…226/250 so far)
1(Nomar Garciaparra),11(Derek Jeter),17(Higginson),20(Rickey Henderson),50(Ken Griffey, Jr.),80(Matt Williams),107(Jim Thome),
113(Omar Vizquel),129(Tony Gwynn),131(Albert Belle),134(Jeff Bagwell),155(Andy Pettitte),168(Frank Thomas),174(Mariano Rivera),
185(Cal Ripken, Jr.),186(Barry Larkin),195(Mike Mussina),214(Neife Perez), 215(Shawn Green), 218(Barry Bonds),220(Paul O’Neill),
226(Rick Ankiel),247(Eric Munson), 250(Josh Beckett)

Fleer Focus 2000 Masterpiece Mania Set # 3 (each #d to 300) Want List
(47 cards to go out of 250 for complete set…203/250 so far)
1(Garciaparra),11(Jeter),17(Higginson),19(Troy O’Leary),20(Rickey Henderson),30(Wilton Guerrero),46(Randy Johnson),50(Ken Griffey, Jr),
56(John Valentin),69(Doug Glanville),76(Dave Nilsson),77(Robin Ventura),80(Matt Williams),85(Wally Joyner), 90(Manny Ramirez),
107(Jim Thome), 109(Mike Piazza),113(Omar Vizquel ,117(Aaron Sele), 128(Bob Wickman),129(Tony Gwynn), 131(Albert Belle),134(Jeff Bagwell),
136(Dustin Hermanson), 154(Vladimir Guerrero),155(Andy Pettitte),160(Sean Casey), 163(Scott Brosius), 168(Frank Thomas), 172(Jose Canseco),
174(Mariano Rivera),177(Rafael Palmeiro), 181(Dean Palmer),185(Cal Ripken Jr),186(Barry Larkin), 187(Damian Easley), 191(Livian Hernandez),
195(Mike Mussina),210(David Segui), 214(Neife Perez),215(Shawn Green),218(Barry Bonds),220(Paul O’Neill), 226(Rick Ankiel), 227(Matt Riley),
232(Nick Johnson), 238(Vernon Wells),247(Eric Munson), 248(Alfonso Soriano), 250(Josh Beckett)

Any OTHER of the 1-250 cards in Masterpiece manias OK too (Even if not on Want Lists above)
Been hoarding these for years building 250 card masterpiece mania sets with each card numbered to 300

quicker response if message sent to [email protected]

* = card coming in mail
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Down to nine manias for a 250 card set with a Ripken mania Picked up today. Any Focus 2000 Manias #d to 300 out there?
Getting back to the 2000 Fleer Focus masterpiece Manias sets
So anyone have any 2000 Fleer Focus Mania cards #d to 300 or any of the 226 through 250 (Prospect Portrait version #d 1-999 of 3999 cards?
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Picked up a 232-Nick Johnson 2000 Fleer Focus Masterpiece mania on 2/1/2023. 25 cards to go to complete that Mania set with each card numbered to 300