• ATTENTION: The Bench needs your help locating the last 4 cards to complete the Yankee Stadium Legacy set.

Anyone interested in any of the following Game Used FS/FT of some future HOFers


OK, most of these guys have a great shot (except Johnathan Franklin, Mike Anderson and Fleener) lol

2004 Fleer Genuine Genuine Article Clinton Portis BV $12.00
2007 Prestige Prestigious Pros (Red) Clinton Portis BV $8.00 (Have two)
2009 Donruss Elite Throwback Threads Clinton Portis BV $10.00 (Broncos /Redskins)

2011 Panini Plates and Patches Terrell Suggs #55 (174/299) BV $6.00

2013 Rookies and Stars Johnathan Franklin (93/99) BV$8.00

2007 Prestige Prestigious Pros Antonio Gates (red) BV $10.00

2014 Bowman Arian Foster #10 BV $6.00

2013 Bowman Doug Martin BR-DM BV$6.00

2002 Fleer NFL Hot Materials Clinton Portis HM-CP BV$20.00
2002 SPx Winning Materials Mike Anderson WM-MA BV$10.00

2007 Threads Rookie Collection combo Marshawn Lynch/Trent Edwards (047/500) BV$20.00

2003 Fleer Mystique Rare Finds Marvin Harrison (218/299) BV????
2004 Leaf Certified Materials Marvin Harrison (015/250) BV$8.00
2007 UD Game Jersey Reggie Wayne BV$8.00
2010 Epix Blue Reggie Wayne BV$6.00
2011 Prestige Inside the Numbers Reggie Wayne (224/250) BV????
2012 Momentum Rookie Team Threads (Dual) Coby Fleener (172/199) BV $6.00

All cards are For Sale or Trade. I normally trade BV for BV (I'm not a stickler to the penny) for Cowboys and the following players Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Antonio Gates, Ray Lewis, Tony Gonzalez, Russell Wilson, Adrian Peterson, Andrew Luck, Andre Johnson (some) or anything that I think I may be willing to trade or sell. I am not against base and serial numbers cards for jersey cards, but it would have to be in bulk and not by BV. i would also consider trading for players not on this list if it was a discounted lot(in my favor...sorry).

In short, make offers. Money always works. We can always work out a trade. I have additional cards I will list once some of these are gone, unless you are interested in purchasing the entire lot which I will list each card and attach pictures (but it might take a while).

Thanks and lets get selling/trading!!!!!!