Anyone use Skype


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I downloaded it last year when I moved into college. Kind of a neat way to talk with friends at other schools. But I haven't used it recently. It's pretty cool though.
OoVoo is pretty cool too. You can download that and for the first month or 2 you can do conference calls for free (I think up to 6 people in a video session at once). But besides that, its basically just like Skype. But the conference calls are very neat.


I have it downlaoded on my PC for my mom and her sister to be able to chat, i personally have never used it, only because i have no one to talk to lol.


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It's owned by eBay. Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman was widely criticized for way overpaying thinking people would embrace the process to complete their deals. The technology is not unique and it is expected that they will spin it off for over a billion dollar loss.

Edit: eBay retains 35% ownership after selling off a portion in late 2009

....2005, when eBay CEO Meg Whitman purchased Skype, eBay bought the company but its founders kept the Joltid technology its service was based upon. The deal cost eBay about $2.6 billion in cash and stock.

In the heady days of the supposed eBay/Skype "synergy" this may have seemed like a good deal, but only if you weren't very smart. Which describes eBay's thinking that purchasing Skype was somehow going to benefit auction customers.

It never did and as the deal turned sour--and especially after Whitman left--eBay started looking for ways to unload Skype
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