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Apologies for not ready rules that you are completely thurow about it


Bench Warmer
DIDN'T want to get in trouble in my first day and I'm not stupid just ignorant to the aspects of the cards and have just about the whole sets of topps prime,srata and the regular ones....but I also have a good count of the crome scene from 13'-14'
Same with score all kinds of sweet relics to

And I just don't really have even the slightest bit of football talk at all but just want to show collections and find out what I can about all of these things that I love like

NOT TRYING TO SELL if you want and can give advice on what I have it would be more than I've gotten this far like if you know how much the throw back Mitchell-ness jersey s go for I'd love to know that I did or didn't get fd Sean Taylor,john riggins , theisman ,art monk and have his rc

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