Are College Athletes Allowed To Sign TTM?

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Jun 12, 2005
Louisville, KY
Just curious if anyone out there knows. I know that the NCAA has some strange rules when it comes to "Student" Athletes.

I know as a kid back in Louisville I used to get all of the Louisville and Kentucky basketball players to sign TTM for me every year. I must have sent 15 letters to Kyle Macy and he returned a signed UK schedule every time.

I get a lot of the boston college players at the game. and a few umass basket ball players throught the mail via the athletic department.
There's a pretty lengthy discussion on SCN right on this, seems quite few schools are cracking down this fall and not letting college athletes sign TTM (i.e., the mail is not getting to the athletes).

Someone posted about some school that had a fan day a couple of weeks ago, but would only allow players to sign a poster provided by the school that cost something like $15.
Gotta love the NCAA and the colleges for imposing their dictatorship on the players