autos from the last few days....


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I put my A&G success in the 2010 A&G post won't post those...these are others that I've gotten TTM or purchased from

first...I sent Mort Walker of Beetle Bailey fame a couple of the "You sketch it" cards and he was nice enough to do a couple for my kids....very nice guy, very generous...going to send him a thank you card with a pic of the boys holding these:

Very iconic Beetle Bailey:

and Mort doesn't do "Hi & Lois" anymore...but I mentioned in my letter that I always liked that cartoon strip and he sent back this...pretty cool:

Zakk Wylde...kinda cool as it's signed and dated two weeks before the CD was released:

John Mellencamp's new's recorded on vintage equipment and is very Dylan-ish sounding...pretty good stuff: