Back from vacation with a story to tell...


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I'm now back home after camping this weekend near Monticello, MN with my parents, grandma, and dog (can't forget about her) and we had a great time, that is until Saturday afternoon. It started raining and getting slightly windy so we all got inside our 30' travel trailer. Just about a minute later the weather started getting very intense. There was no time to go to the shelter, it started to pour and thunder almost immediately but worst of all was the wind, which was blowing at nearly 90 MPH. Trees were falling left and right and we were all crammed in the back bedroom so that we were safe from the only tree near us that was in the path of the wind. One big tree got tore apart and fell just feet from us. There were even branches and chunks of bark that were stabbed into the ground. Even our camper had been moved about 6" from the wind. If the wind would have been blowing at the side of our camper, though, it more than likely would've tipped. It lasted about 15 minutes and there were some damages that can be replaced but thankfully we and everybody at the campground had not been injured, or worse. It was probably the scariest thing I have ever experienced in my life but it could've been much worse. I'm glad to be back home and back to the Bench. Thanks for the read.



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Geez...Yeah weather can be something else sometimes, it can be sunny one minute and 5 minutes later your in the middle of a tornado!


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Well I am sure some people would have stained under pants at the thought of being caught in something like that.