Baseball for trade and Sale!!! Tons of Slabs, Autos, Vintage, Color, Rookies, #ed, etc!!!

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Apr 8, 2022
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Tons of Baseball Slabs, Autos, Relics, #ed, Vintage, Rookies, etc for Trade and Sale!!! Really looking to sell but I am always down to trade!!! I collect nationals Prospect and Rookies and some vets Luis Garcia, Brady House, James Wood, Robert Hassell, CJ Abrams, Joey Meneses, Elijah Green, Christian Vaquero, etc!!! Just look through my Album and lmk if you like anything!!!

PS: If you see a sticker price on the picture it is not the price I have not put new stickers on in months!!!

I’m interested in the Rivera Topps on deck. I know I have some of the guys you collect on my tradelist. Take a look and let me know. I could find more on your list depending on what I have for you.
I am interested in the Ortiz and Devers cards you have.

Here are some Nationals that I have, but you can look through my tradelist to see if there are others you may be interested in.

2022 Panini Chronicles Limited Swatches - Riley Adams, Nationals #LS-RA
2021 Topps Major League Materials 2 - Luis Garcia, Nationals #MLM-LG
2021 Finest Masters Gold - Patrick Corbin, Nationals #97FM-PC (35/50)
2021 Topps Fire Green - Josh Bell #156 (45/199)
Could you PM me a price for the major league materials gold Jazz Chisholm /50 & the green foil Cal Raleigh please? Thanks
I have these Nationals for trade, LMK if you are interested, thanks
2017 Heritage - 319 Brian Goodwin/Spencer Kieboom RC
2018 Heritage - 135 RAUDY READ & ERICK FEDDE rookie
2021 Heritage - 109 Luis Garcia Cristian Pache RC
2021 Topps Heritage #110 Luis Garcia Rookie Card RC
2022 Diamond King - 148 Riley Adams RC

I am interested in;
1952 Bowman - Ed Lopat (is this card creased?)
2022 Topps Pristine - Zach Wheeler autograph
I already have a bunch of those cards you listed!!! Lmk if you have anything from the top rookies and prospects!!! Also love autos, slabs, and Bowman!!! LMK
Got a nice raw josiah 22 finest light blue refractor rc /250, gem mint in my opinion. Could find some other stuff for you, but before I dig are you okay trading vintage for modern cards?