Beckett numbering of Triple Threads relics?

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Apr 13, 2007
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Does anyone understand how Beckett is numbering the relic cards for 2010 Topps Triple Threads? The cards I've seen have no numbers, but Beckett is tagging them with R42, R43, R44. Since they don't list what the relics spell out, how can you tell which is which in Beckett's listings? Or how to you tell one sepia card from another or one emerald from another?
Are you sure it's not right under his name on the back? Both of my Mauers have the card # (TTR34, for example) listed there.
My Winfield says TTR-DWI. Am I just looking at the wrong listings in Beckett?


Ah, looking again, it looks like what I have is what Topps is calling a die cut relic. Maybe it's just the MLB die cuts that are numbered this way.
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I think there are just 2 versions of the die-cuts - 1 with auto and 1 without. And then the standard color/numbering scheme for each of the 2 versions. I would bet the auto'd version is TTRA-DWI.