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Jan 8, 2022
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Tampa, FL
I hate using this website. Its like a petulant 5 year old made it. Anyone else having this issue?

I log in on my personal computer, password is saved no problem logging in other than I seem to get logged out constantly for the last two years. I log in, check two prices and then the account changes. Says I'm logged in as

LOGGED IN AS [email protected]

Not sure who this is, but doesn't have a subscription. I log out, then log back in and it works for two trys and then reverts. No on else uses my computer. Anyone else have this problem? Chris
I use the site regularly, however do not have that issue. There are times when I have to reboot in order to access and copying the text has become a bit finicky, but nothing as major as you are experiencing.
Not experiencing this either...........Finicky is a proper term for the site though............It will log you out after about two hours or so..........